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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Electrical Panel Replacement?

Electrical Panel Replacement

An electrical panel, commonly known as a breaker box, plays a crucial role in controlling the electrical power in your home. Despite its relatively small size, this device serves as the central hub where electricity is directed to power your lighting, appliances, and various electronic devices. The electrical panel for your home acts as the […]

10 Creative Ideas for Interior Decorative Lighting

Interior Decorative Lighting

When it comes to interior design, it’s nearly impossible to understate the benefits of lighting. Good lighting can make a space functional, establish the desired mood, even make rooms look bigger. What’s more, with a bit of creativity, you can use interior decorative lighting to make any space truly special. If you are trying to […]

The Different Types of Overvoltage, and How to Protect Against Them


The electrical system in your home and community is as sophisticated as it is fragile. It powers your electronics and appliances alike, keeping things running not unlike the current of a stream.  But sometimes, the flow of electricity gets disrupted, creating a ripple of excess voltage that can damage everything connected to that network. You […]

How to Evaluate Your Home’s Electrical Needs and Upgrade to the Right Panel

Electrical Panel

Power is essential for your home. But when your electrical panel starts slacking on the job, most homeowners try to accommodate this failing fixture rather than fix it. They do that by avoiding tricky outlets and stocking up on power strips to get the most use out of the ones that work.  It’s undeniable—there has […]

Is Charging My Electric Car Every Night Expensive?

Charging an EV

More and more households are making the switch to electric vehicles. They’re eco-forward and far more efficient than regular cars, allowing you to balance gas and electrical fueling as needed. But if you have one of these EVs, you likely know the trouble of finding a reliable place to charge up.  An EV charger installation […]

Best Ways to Improve Air Quality This Spring and Keep Allergies at Bay

Spring is around the corner. With the new tree buds and melting snow comes an unfortunate side effect – seasonal allergies. If you’re like most Americans, you, too, suffer from watery eyes, a congested nose, and an itchy, scratchy throat. While allergies are relatively benign, they can significantly impact your quality of life, especially if […]

Tips for Preparing Your AC Unit for Spring and Summer

What’s summer without an air conditioner? Thanks to modern inventions and the power of technology, each year, homeowners across the nation can enjoy cool, fresh indoor temperatures while the outdoors bakes in the sweltering heat.  Oftentimes, we don’t know just how lucky we are to have air conditioners until we’re forced to live without them. […]