Commercial and Residential Generac Generator Installation

Whether you are a home or business owner,Generac Generator Installation you know that Central TX experiences intense storms that can knock your electricity offline. Sometimes outages can last for a long time. So far in 2021, Texas had 401 reported outages, some averaging as long as 186 hours. If you’re worried about the next blackout, contact SALT Light & Electric for Generac generator installation services.

Our team is proud to provide the industry’s best一Generac generators. They are known for power, durability, and effectiveness. When you call our office, SALT Light & Electric will send a qualified electrician to your home or business for Generac generator installation services.


Residential Generac Generator Installation

If you have a partial-home generator, you may wonder why you need a whole-house unit, too. The differences between the two pieces of equipment are major. A partial-home generator provides fail-over for select circuits. However, if your utility company and ERCOT plan more outages this year, you’ll need the power and efficiency of a whole-house unit from Generac.

A partial-home generator only powers a few items during a blackout. On the other hand, a whole-home generator will start automatically and power your entire home in seconds.

What to Expect 

We’ll only allow a professional, residential electrician with the right training and experience to install your home’s Generac generator. That will ensure the work is done correctly and that the 10-year warranty we provide remains valid.

The total amount of time it will take to install your Generac home generator can vary. First, we’ll install a composite generator pad, which takes no time at all. The rest will depend on the size of your generator, home landscaping, and the complexity of your existing electrical systems. 

When we provide you with your free quote, we’ll give you a time estimate, as well.

Benefits of a Generac Whole-Home Generator

Once we’ve installed your generator, we’ll wire it directly into your home’s electrical panel. Salt makes sure to bury all wiring underground for safety and to create a discreet final product. After we’re finished, you will find that your whole-house generator has much better output than a partial-home unit. It also:

  • Runs on propane, diesel, or natural gas
  • Lasts longer than portable units
  • Has Wi-Fi for remote monitoring
  • Turns on automatically if the power goes out
  • Works with larger appliances such as air conditioning units

Our whole-home generators also make many commercial and residential customers eligible for tax deductions via the CARE Act. The bill states that qualified properties can write off 100% of specific improvement costs within a year. 

If those benefits aren’t enough, a whole-home generator also helps your home value and delivers an ROI. According to Consumer Reports, these devices increase home value by 3%-5%. 

So call Salt! Our electricians will help you find a generator in your price range that offers the power you need.

Commercial Generac Generator Installation

A generator is a great resource for keeping your business online during a power outage. We believe that Generac makes some of the best generators for commercial purposes. That’s why we are proud to specialize in Generac generator installation services for businesses in and around Central Texas.

It’s difficult enough for a business to thrive. The last thing you need is to be unable to work after an infamous Central Texas storm. Earlier this year, 54,664 people in Williamson County lost power for one to two weeks due to weather events, such as wind and snow or ice storms. You can protect your business by allowing a commercial electrician from SALT Light & Electric to provide you with a free quote and set a date to start the installation process for your business.

What To Expect

Your electrician will need to know what your electrical system looks like now and the equipment and machinery that takes priority. Sometimes, business owners only need the system to run a few key components. In other cases, the generator must be able to support the full operation. Rest assured that we have a solution for you! However, we must gather all of the information before we know which Generac system is right for your company and how many units you’ll need.

Once we’ve gathered all information, we will send you a quote along with a time estimate. The installation could take several days, and we’ll wire the generator directly into your main power panel. Your Generac generator will need to be installed in a safe, secure area. It also requires adequate ventilation to work properly.

Benefits of Installing a Generac

Once your generator is installed, it will make all of the difference in keeping your company going during a long-term power outage. You’ll also know that our manufacturer’s warranty will protect your system, and we’ll honor that warranty for both parts and services. When other businesses go offline during a power outage, you’ll see your Generac system kick on without any effort. That will help you keep serving customers and staying productive.

Remember, when your generator works, your lights stay on. This creates safer conditions for your customers, employees, and clients.

Generator Installation Near Me

Whether you are a home or business owner, we want to be your first choice in electrical contractors. SALT Light & Electric has served the area for decades, and our electricians are skilled in both residential and commercial generator installation and maintenance.

If you must stay online during a blackout, we can help! Contact SALT Light & Electric to set up an appointment for a free quote today. We’re available by phone or online.