The team at SALT Light & Electric is the best providerGenerac Generator Service And Repair of residential electrical services in Central Texas. We’re proud of our track record of providing excellent work and customer service. Additionally, we are happy to always offer the best quality products in the industry. That includes Generac whole-house generators to help your families survive blac

kouts. So far this year in Travis County, 436,968 utility customers were left without power during outages, whether due to equipment failures, storms, or planning. Some of these blackouts lasted days.

When it comes to durability and power, it’s difficult to beat a Generac. That’s why we offer Generac generator repair and installation services, too. If you’re interested in a whole-house generator, we can send out a residential electrician to talk to you about installing a Generac as soon as possible. If you own one already, we’re happy to take care of any maintenance needs you have!

Generac Generator Maintenance

When you call us to your home for help, our electricians will troubleshoot and repair any issue they find with your Generac generator. However, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your system running perfectly with our Generac generator maintenance service. During our preventative maintenance appointment, we will:

  • Conduct a function check
  • Replace air and oil filters
  • Check and replace oil
  • Check fuel levels
  • Inspect the unit for any damage 
  • Simulate a power outage
  • Replace spark plugs if needed
  • Check and secure wiring and other connections

Just like you need to maintain a car, you need to regularly schedule Generac generator maintenance appointments to ensure that nothing is wrong with your equipment. A well-maintained generator works at top performance and helps you keep your family and house safe in the event of an emergency, like the storms in Dallas earlier this year that blacked out 87,497 people for over 40 hours. 

Your SALT Light & Electric electrician can discover any issues with your Generac and fix them before they become major problems. Think of this as an investment in the longevity of your generator and insurance against long-term blackouts.

Generac Generator Repair

If we find any issues during your routine maintenance appointment, we’ll schedule a Generac generator repair service appointment (as long as you give us the green light). You can also call us if your unit stops working any time of the year or if it simply doesn’t run as it should.

In most mechanical equipment, certain parts simply wear out over time. For example, generators contain brushes that help them create the energy they need to power your home in the event of a blackout. These brushes get exposed to a significant amount of friction and will wear down after enough usage. Worn brushes can impact your generator’s ability to power your home and negatively affect other components, as well. 

Fortunately, your Generac generator repair technician from SALT Light & Electric can replace any Generac parts to restore your generator to full capacity. 

Since you don’t use your household generator regularly, you may forget about it completely until a blackout. Please keep in mind that going without maintenance or repair can reduce the lifespan of your generator. 

Even if your generator is running properly, it may not be as efficient as it should or could be. SALT Light & Electric has trained service providers on our team and will take care of your generators at reasonable prices.

Always Use Electrical Contractors

A whole-house generator is an important investment and isn’t suitable for a DIY project. Instead, you should rely on experienced electricians from SALT Light & Electric. They have all of the training and tools required to install your Generac generator, get it running, test it as needed, and offer any repair services you need.

If something goes wrong with your generator, please call a qualified professional. It’s potentially dangerous to attempt repairs yourself, and you could cause permanent damage to your generator. Additionally, you could void any warranty by allowing someone unlicensed to work on your generator. That includes you. That loss of protection could be quite expensive.

We are happy to honor major warranties as they are detailed by the manufacturer. We use these to obtain parts and to provide services per the details of the warranty. That is to ensure the work we do never voids your warranty going into the future. At SALT Light & Electric, we also guarantee our work. When we fix your generator, you can make sure we do the job correctly.

Generac Service Electrician Near Me

At SALT Light & Electric, we know that you have a choice when it comes to Generac generator repair. We’d like to help you make that decision with confidence. 

If you live in the Austin-Round Rock, TX, metro area, you need to be ready for the next equipment failure, planned outage, or storm. We’d hate to see you become one of the hundreds of thousands of residents who lost power this year. Let us support you!

SALT Light & Electric has earned a reputation for quality work, integrity, and upfront pricing. When customers work with us, they know they won’t be surprised by hidden fees and that they can trust us to finish all work correctly and on time. We offer free estimates and guarantee our work. 

We hope you will trust us to work on your Generac generator and care for your other residential electrical needs. Feel free to reach out by phone or online.