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Born in Austin Tx & Family Owned — We at SALT have been a staple in the Austin community since 1984. With that much experience you can definitely say we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to your home’s Plumbing, Air or Electrical system but what we’re most proud of is our customer service! 

We know it can be frustrating when things break in your home — That’s why at SALT we work really hard at making sure you feel heard and valued! Ultimately, we want to make you and your home smile with salt of the earth service. 

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We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation around Austin! We believe great customer service doesn’t just happen — we think it takes a lot effort! We have so many happy customers who were nice enough to leave a review! Read all of our unfiltered, verified reviews straight from Google!


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If you're experiencing these issues you need the SALT TuneUp. Only $129 per unit.

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Don't wait you need SALT's highly skilled and trained Electricians. No one in Austin is more trusted!

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If you like saving money, time and a whole lot of worry — The Salt + plan is right for you!

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