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Home Surge Protection

Forget The Chords! Your Home Needs Whole Home Surge Protection.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Since 1984, SALT has been lighting up Texas. Our skilled electricians can perform any project in your home or office. We do business with integrity and provide excellent pricing on all services.

Our electricians perform a full array of services, ranging from rewiring to new panel installation. Among our various services, whole-home surge protection installation is becoming increasingly popular. This service can keep your valuable appliances and electronics safe from harmful power surges.

What Causes Power Surges

Most homeowners assume that power surges are caused by lightning strikes during severe weather. While this is one source, it is not the most common. The other sources of power surges in your home are:

  • Downed power lines
  • Sudden adjustments in electricity use by nearby building
  • Cycling on/off of high energy use appliances

Any of these things can substantially raise the voltage being carried into your home’s electrical system. Even though the power surges last for less than a second, they can cause a huge amount of damage.

As mentioned above, lightning-induced power surges are not the most common. However, they are the most feared. This is because they can easily overwhelm the standard wiring and circuit breakers in your home. The damage from lighting-related surges is instantaneous and dramatic.

On the other hand, the other types of power surges may not be as pronounced. They can damage your property but not cause it to completely stop working. These more routine surges will reduce the service life of your appliances by damaging their internal components.

Can I Just Buy Power Strips?

Many people use store-bought power strips to protect their appliances and electronics. Some of these can help mitigate surge damage, but many are minimally useful. If you purchased your surge protector from the $5 bin at your local store, then it likely won’t stop the surge created by a blown light bulb, much less a thunderstorm.

When considering a power strip, the best solution is to consult with our professionals at SALT. We can help you find reputable power strips that will offer a secondary stage of protection for your appliances.
No matter how good of a power strip you buy, it will not be as effective as whole-home surge protection.

A professionally installed surge protector will guard against electrical fluctuation like nothing else can.

Importance of Using Licensed Electricians

The experience and expertise of SALT’s residential electricians make us uniquely suited to protect your home from harmful power surges. We can work on homes of all ages and help you choose the best surge protection option for your budget.

Electrical work is not a DIY project. Your home’s electrical supply is powerful and potentially dangerous if mishandled. Keep you and your family safe by contacting SALT, and let us provide for your contracting needs.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Surge Protector

The most significant benefit of a whole-home surge protector installed by SALT is its ability to protect your appliances and electronics. As technology becomes more advanced, the price of your home’s equipment increases.

A well-made refrigerator can easily cost $1500 or more. While a single appliance lost to a power surge can be devastating, imagine having to replace everything in your kitchen. A surge protector substantially mitigates this risk.

How Does a Surge Protector Work?

When the residential electricians at SALT install a whole-home surge protector in your home, it will be wired directly into your electrical panel. Our professionals will help you find the right one for your budget and goals.

When it detects a sudden spike in your electrical system, it will prevent this excess energy from reaching your appliances. The majority of whole-home systems will also notify you of the surge by sounding an alarm or triggering an indicator light.

As mentioned above, our team can also provide you with quality plug-in surge protectors. The goal of doubling down on your protection is that they can save key appliances in the event of a lightning strike close to your home. A bolt of lightning can fill your system with over 200,000 volts of electricity. Do not gamble with your home appliances, contact SALT and let us help.

Electricians Near Me

SALT is the premier electrical contracting service in Central Texas. Our residential electricians always treat our customers with courtesy and respect. We provide prompt and friendly service that will make you feel like part of the family.

If you’re looking for an “electrician near me” and would like a free quote on whole-home surge protection, contact us today! We look forward to serving you.

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