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Landscape Lighting

SALT Landscape Lighting Service In Austin, Tx

SALT Specializes in Landscape Lighting Services in Austin, TX

It’s time to add a touch of elegance to your home! With SALT’s landscape lighting service, we can help add outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance and illuminate the features of your landscape. 

We work to strategically place lights in various locations around the premise to highlight specific areas, create visual interest, and improve safety and security. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape lighting service. 

Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting offers multiple benefits to the outside of your home. Here’s a couple of key advantages of outdoor lighting:

  1. Functionality:

    • Outdoor lighting provides illumination for pathways, driveways, steps, and other potential hazards. This allows for safe navigation during the nighttime.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetic:

    • From an aesthetic perspective, outdoor lighting adds depth, dimension, and visual appeal to your outdoor landscape. Also, outdoor lighting highlights architectural elements of a building, trees, shrubs, or flowerbeds, and showcase water features, statues, or other areas within the landscape. By carefully selecting considering factors such as intensity, color, and beam angle, different atmospheres can be created for your outdoors. These moods range from soft and romantic to vibrant and dramatic, depending on your overall preference.

  3. Increased Property Value

    • Outdoor lighting that has been designed and installed by our technicians can raise your property’s value. Your property will be more appealing to prospective buyers or tenants due to the improved outdoor aesthetics and increased curb appeal. Additionally, because landscape lighting can improve the property’s overall appearance and feel, it’s frequently regarded as a desired element in real estate.
  4. Environmental Benefits:

    • Energy-efficient options such as LED lighting used in landscape lighting offer multiple environmental benefits. LED bulbs consume less energy compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. This reduces your carbon footprint. Also, they have a longer lifespan, resulting in fewer bulb replacements and less waste.


Here at SALT, we want to ensure that you live in a home that is truly breathtaking from the inside and out. Landscape lighting provides a range of benefits, including visual aesthetics, safety, and value to enhance your outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting also transforms your landscape into a more inviting, functional, and visually appealing environment. 

Landscape Lighting Services

Investing in outdoor lighting can transform an outdoor space by enhancing its beauty, functionality, and overall appeal. Our team specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor lighting systems for your property. Our goal is to enhance the aesthetics, safety, and security of your landscape through strategic placement and implementation of lighting fixtures.

Here are some common landscape lighting services offered:

  1. Design Consultation:

    • One of our specialists will assess the property, listen to the your needs and preferences, and develop a customized lighting plan fit for your home. We’ll then consider the layout of the landscape, architectural features, focal points, pathways, and any specific areas that require illumination.
  2. Installation Process: 

    • Our technicians will start the installation process once the lighting design is complete. In order to achieve the best lighting effects, it’s necessary to install and align the fixtures correctly. And, wire and connect the lighting system.
  3. Lighting Fixture Selection

    • Our technicians assist in selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures based on the desired lighting goals, budget, and aesthetic preference. They’ll consider factors such as fixture type, size, material, and light output. This is to ensure compatibility with the landscape design and desired lighting effects.
  4. Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

    • To cut down on energy usage and minimize maintenance needs, our technicians may suggest energy-efficient lighting choices such as LED fixtures. The best LED bulbs, color temperature, and control setups can be suggested in order to achieve desired lighting effects while maximizing energy economy.
  5. Maintenance & Repair Services:

    • Systematic maintenance is necessary to maintain the longevity and proper operation of your outdoor lighting. Maintenance packages may include regular inspections, bulb replacements, fixture cleaning, and repair services as necessary. Technicians will analyze any lighting-related problems and perform any essential maintenance or corrections as needed.
  6. Lighting Upgrades:

    • If you already have an existing landscape lighting system in your home, our technicians can assist with any upgrades or expansions. We’ll assess the current system, identify areas for improvement, recommend new fixtures or technologies, and integrate them into your existing setup.

Why Choose SALT For Landscape Lighting Services?

Choosing one of our professional technicians for your outdoor lighting offers several advantages and ensures optimal, desired results. Our professionals specialize in outdoor lighting and have the knowledge, skills, and experience to design and install your lighting systems effectively. They understand lighting techniques and fixture placement. Our technicians expertise allows them to create customized lighting designs that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space while considering factors s such as safety, functionality, and energy efficiency. Along with this, our technicians have experience with permanent holiday lighting services. Click here to learn more!

Also, our technicians create a lighting design tailored to your specific needs and preferences for your outdoor space. They’ll take into account your landscape’s unique features, architecture, focal points, and desired lighting effects. By working with you, they’ll understand your overall vision and translate this vision into a cohesive lighting plan that complements the overall aesthetics of your property and outdoor space.

We also provide soffit lighting services along with permanent holiday lighting services for your home. Click here to contact us today and schedule a landscape lighting service and click here to view our service areas. 

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