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Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes

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Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes

A circuit breaker panel is a more current electrical system than the older fuse box. Regardless of which type of electrical panel is currently running your property, SALT’s expert electricians are on the job.

We can repair or replace any fuse box or circuit breaker. We also offer annual electrical safety and maintenance plans. Consider investing into the routine care of your property’s core — its electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Safety

If your home was built before 1980, you may have an old and dangerously outdated electrical panel. This is especially concerning if you have a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco panel. Check the inside stickers on your electrical panel for any FPE or Zinsco markings. These electrical panels are notorious for failing to trip when they need to. This can cause overcurrents and short circuits that can overheat and cause an electrical fire. If you have an FPE, Zinsco, or outdated panel, contact SALT right away to take a look.

We offer electrical panel maintenance plans and repair and replacement services. As with all appliances and devices, an electrical panel will age and require more frequent repairs over time. You will need to consider the daily electrical demand of your home, the age of your electrical panel, and the quality of its performance when deciding whether to repair or replace.

Based on data by the U.S. Census Bureau, over half of the homes in the United States were built before the 1970s. Unless replaced, electrical panels in most homes are therefore, out of date. They were built to accommodate the daily needs of a building during that time — a time without computers and cellular devices, large appliances or sound systems.
We keep a lot of electrical devices under one roof, and expect them to function on demand. Depending on the age and condition of your current circuit breaker or fuse box, it may be time for a professional safety inspection or repair service.

Top 3 signs your need our electrical panel repair:

The breakers are always tripping
If your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, this indicates an electrical issue. Especially if no lights or appliances are in use, and it continues to trip, something is amiss. This could be an increase in power surges or an early warning sign for replacement. Regardless, a professional electrician at SALT can pinpoint any issue and recommend the safest and most reliable solution.
The switch on the breaker is loose or will not stay reset
If you constantly reset a tripped breaker, but it will not stay in place, there is an electrical panel issue that needs to be identified by a certified electrician. Besides being a nuisance, it is also a safety concern. Leave the breaker off and call a professional electrician as soon as possible.
The breakers are hot to the touch or panel smells like something is burning
This is never a good sign. A worn out circuit breaker can become a fire hazard for your property. If breakers are hot to the touch or you notice a smell coming from the panel (such as burning plastic), you need professional replacement services from a licensed electrical company. Turn off power to the circuit from your electrical panel and wait for a professional electrician to diagnose the issue.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, with effective annual maintenance by a professional electrician, a circuit breaker panel should have a life expectancy of approximately 3 to 4 decades. The same expected lifespan applies to GFCI, AFCI, and standard breakers. A number of factors contribute to a shortened circuit breaker lifespan, including humidity levels, corrosion, frequent tripping, and certain cleaning elements.

If you’re wondering where to focus your attention when it comes to yearly electrical upkeep, your circuit breaker panel or fuse box tops the list. Nothing can run without it! For your electrical panel safety, repair, and installation, trust SALT.

Where Can I Find the Best Electrician Near Me?

When you’re looking for all things related to circuit breakers and fuse boxes, contact SALT! SALT can help you out! Call SALT today and we’ll have one of our experienced professional electricians over as soon as possible.

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