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Air Filtration Services

SALT Air Filtration Experts For Your Austin Home

Air Filtration

An air conditioner is vital when you live in Austin, TX. This modern convenience allows you to quickly escape the intense summer heat. However, if you do not have proper air filtration, your unit may soon break down and put you in an unwanted situation.  That’s why SALT offers fast and reliable air filtration services so that your unit remains in excellent working order when you need it.

Why Are Professional Air Filtration Services Needed?

One easy and proactive step to keep your air conditioning system running for many years is routinely changing your filters. 

As your air conditioner provides you with refreshing, cool air, your filter catches tiny particles entering your system, like dust and dander. Although small, these irritants can clog up your air conditioner and impact how efficiently it works. 

That’s why you should take advantage of our air filtration services. We’ll help you choose the right filter to fit your HVAC unit and continue enjoying the benefits of a working air conditioner without the hassle of remembering to replace the filters.

How Often Should Your Air Filter Be Replaced?

The average homeowner in Austin, TX, should replace their air filtration every six to eight months. However, some factors influence how often your filter should be changed. 

Reasons to change your filter more often include the following

  • Pets that shed and cause dander to accumulate inside your filters
  • Older homes that have outdated ventilation systems
  • Living in an area with construction
  • Residents of the home who smoke

If you’re unsure how often you should replace the air filter in your Austin home, consult one of our expert technicians. 

How Do I Know It's Time for Air Filtration Replacement?

Keep these telltale signs in mind throughout the warmer months to know when to call SALT in Austin, TX. 

Moldy or Musty Smell 

If your filters are clogged and exposed to condensation, mold can grow. This is a serious problem. As the air flows through the unit, the scent will be forced into your home and could distribute mold spores.  

Increased Energy Bills 

Notice a dramatic increase in your monthly utility bill? It could be a clue that your air filtration system needs servicing. Systems with clogged filters will begin to run inefficiently and cost you more money as the months go by. Replacing them regularly is the easiest way to avoid higher utility costs. 

Frequent Need for Repairs 

When your unit uses more energy to push air through a clogged filter, it creates more wear and tear on your air conditioning system. Eventually, it may stop working altogether. No one wants this to happen, especially in the middle of a Texas heat wave! 

Other signs that you need to replace your air filter include the following:

Visible dust in your registers or vents
Allergic reactions
Difficulty breathing 

Remember that what runs through your ac system is what you breathe. Changing your air filter can improve the indoor air quality of your home. For the health of your family, keep up with your air filtration. 

Why Neglecting Replacement Is Bad

Neglecting your air filtration can lead to health risks and unwanted repairs. Breathing in unfiltered air can worsen the symptoms of asthma or other respiratory syndromes and allergic reactions. 

Failing to change your filter can disrupt the performance of your air conditioning system and require more frequent repairs. The system will eventually need to be replaced if it is overworked and infrequently serviced. 

An overworked unit can cause your energy use to skyrocket and cost more each month. Routine maintenance will help your AC system work effectively through the sweltering Texas summers. 

Beyond Air Filters

If you want to step up your indoor air quality, it’s time to move beyond basic air filters and consider more powerful air filtration technology. Large air filtration systems and UV and electronic filters are becoming increasingly popular for those who want only the cleanest air in their home or business.

Just ask our technicians at Salt Home Services: we’ll help you find the most advanced air filtration installation to suit your home or business.

Why Choose SALT Home Services for Air Filtration Services

As a local, family-owned business, we have served Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas for more than 35 years. Our technicians are prompt and professional, striving to keep up with cutting-edge equipment and techniques demanded by modern technology.  Each of our contractors is certified, licensed, and trained to safely and adequately perform air conditioning services in your home. Don’t sweat it; call SALT today to schedule an appointment. One of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help you!

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