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Electrical Panels

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Electrical Panel Upgrade & Replacement

Do you need an electrical panel upgrade in Austin, TX? Have you been searching for “the best electricians near me” but haven’t found what you need? Let us introduce ourselves. SALT has been serving Austin, TX, since 1984. We have experience with every electrical issue you may be experiencing in your home. Our team commits to customer satisfaction and community service, and our services are prompt and professional. You’ll never worry about finding another electrician again.

SALT Electrical Panel Services

You reduce the chance of electrical fires when you upgrade or replace your panel. This measure also decreases the risk of other hazards associated with a failing board. However, proper installation is a vital part of this process. Using our professional electricians for your upgrade or replacement provides peace of mind. We can both upgrade and replace your electrical panel depending on your needs.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your panel is the brain of your home’s electrical system; it distributes electricity. The panel should always be up to date. As such, every Austin, TX, homeowner should know when it’s time to get an upgrade. Here are a few signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade.

Lights Flickering

Are the lights in your home flickering? Flickering lights are a sign that your electrical system is being overloaded. Large appliances can overwhelm the system, and running more than one at a time makes this worse.


That is the first sign that your electrical system is taking on more than it can handle, and you should give us a call.

Breakers Constantly Tripping

Besides flickering lights, tripping breakers show that your electrical panel needs an upgrade. Tripping breakers occur when a circuit breaker detects an uneven electrical flow. With an old or outdated panel, this is going to happen more often.

Odd Odors

You shouldn’t smell burning when your electrical panel is operating. That includes odd odors coming from outlets.


When an electrical fire is imminent, you’re going to smell something burning. Additionally, your outlets should not have discoloration or produce smells. If you notice either, give us a call immediately.

Failing or Broken Outlets

Is there one outlet in your home that never seems to work? Or are there multiple outlets that do not work? If this is the case, your electrical panel is going to need an upgrade.


When the electrical panel deteriorates, the wires between the board and outlets fray, causing the connection to weaken. A weak connection can lead to:


  • Burnt outlets
  • Burning smell from outlets
  • Outlets produce a shock when used

If you have been experiencing any of the above, it’s time to call the best electricians in Austin, TX.

You Have Plans for Remodeling or Adding New Appliances

Do you have plans to remodel or add new appliances to your home? The first step is making sure that your panel can handle the increased demand. Even if you have empty spaces on your panel, adding more connections can cause it to break down.


Get a professional, like SALT, to inspect the panel beforehand. We will let you know if it can handle more demand or if an upgrade is necessary for your remodeling plans.

Replace Your Electrical Panel Before Problems Start.

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when thinking about a panel replacement.

Your House Is Older Than 20 Years

Your electrical panel may be too old if your home is older than 20 years. Older panels cannot keep up with the demands of modern homes. Sometimes, even an upgrade isn’t enough to keep the board working.


Modern homes are running more appliances than in the past, and your electrical panel needs to keep up. If your home is older than 20 years, your electrical panel may be too old.


Are you running lots of appliances, charging devices, and using lights all at the same time? If so, and your home is older, then it’s likely that your electrical panel cannot handle the demand.

Does the Panel Constantly Need Repairs?

Like any other appliance, if you constantly need to repair the panel, it may need replacing. It is more cost-effective to buy an upgrade rather than keep fixing the panel.


Spending money to fix the electrical panel adds up. If you want to save money, it’s best to get a replacement panel.

Do You Use Many Power Strips?

Power strips are helpful when you want to use multiple outlets at once. However, they can overload your electrical system and cause your panel to break down.

SALT as Your Austin, Tx Electricians

Have you been looking for an electrical panel replacement in Austin, TX? The search for an “experienced electrician near me” is over. SALT can help with any of your electrical needs.

For experienced and professional electricians, SALT should be your go-to team. When you need an electrical panel upgrade or replacement, don’t settle for less.

Call SALT today for the best electrical work in Austin, TX!

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