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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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AC Repair Services in Austin, TX

In the dog days of summer, under that hot Texas sun, you need a proper cooling system to keep your home feeling comfortable. Dealing with a broken AC is the opposite of relaxing, and we understand the frustration and stress this can cause your household.

Once the heat takes hold, you need a dependable and experienced company. You deserve the peace of mind, protection, and reassurance of a comfortable home. You need to call SALT for assistance.

If you’re feeling extra hot from your AC problems SALT is here to take down the temperature – literally! From AC repair to general maintenance, our team of professionals will win you over and get your AC back to business!

Common Air Conditioner Struggles

You’ll likely run into an issue with your AC unit sooner or later. All ACs will have problems after years of wear and tear. And the hotter the climate, the harder your AC has to work.

That’s why in Austin, TX, having maintenance done on an annual or biannual basis is a massive part of what keeps your AC trucking along.

Here are some signs that you might require an air conditioning repair from one of our experts.

It’s Running Too Warm

If your thermostat is writing checks that your AC can’t cash, you might have an issue with the air filter, especially if it’s been a few months since your last filter change. The new air filter will immediately improve your home’s air quality and help the AC work smarter, not harder.

Unclean air filters can also impact your health, so it’s vital to know if your air filter needs changing. Our professional AC team will diagnose the core issue and help you get a new air filter situated in your AC system.

It Won’t Cool Your Home Evenly

Uneven temperatures or extra moisture are often caused by leaky ducts or a lack of insulation. If the temperature is fluctuating within your system, chances are it will affect your entire home. This imbalance is usually caused by dust, debris, or buildup on your air vents.

Give us a call to determine the cause of your uneven cooling, and we will provide you with a quality AC repair to help you feel cool in no time!

It Sounds a Little Wacky

Click, pop, whizz, bang, whir, clang, screech: all fun to say, but not so fun to hear from your AC. Many times, these sounds mean you have loose or missing parts, or possibly even a malfunctioning compressor. If you’re experiencing any bizarre noises coming from your air conditioner, It’s time to turn off your AC and pick up the phone to give us a call.

It Won’t Even Turn On

If you’ve already checked that you don’t have something like a tripped breaker or an unplugged cord, your AC not responding can make all kinds of knots in your stomach. This disruption could be caused by a clogged air filter. But it could also be caused by clogged drain lines or even a blown fuse.

Whatever the reason for the inconvenience, your AC should work when you need it to; if you’re going without AC in warm weather, call us to get your comfort and safety back.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

SALT is all about getting to the root of your AC’s problem. Our technicians have the training needed to run comprehensive diagnostic tests on your AC to help keep your home prepared for the heat.

When you schedule your appointment, we’ll provide you with the following:

  • A check for efficient airflow
  • Assurance that your AC has the proper refrigerant levels
  • A check that there were no issues with your unit’s installation
  • A check of your circuits to ensure you have proper voltages

Some common diagnoses of a broken AC in need of a bit of care include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • A failed capacitor
  • A motor malfunction
  • Bad circuitry
  • Mold or excess humidity

No matter the issue, SALT will shed some light on your problem. We’ve curated the experience and knowledge necessary for every type of AC repair.

SALT Is Keeping Austin Cool

SALT is privileged to serve Austin, TX, as the city’s premier HVAC service company.

You need a technician who excels in everything AC, and you deserve a service that will provide you with exemplary customer service. Not every company can boast the ability to do both, but give us a call for your AC repair or maintenance and see how SALT will surprise you today.

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