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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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Electrical Troubleshooting

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Find & Fix the Problem With SALT Electrical Troubleshooting

Got an electrical issue that is leaving you stumped? The professional electricians at SALT are on the case. We never back down from a challenge, and with decades of experience, we’re well versed in the complexities and oddities of electrical quirks.

Troubleshooting is about finding and then fixing any electrical problem at its source. We find the underlying issue and offer you the repair solution on the spot, with upfront pricing of course. For homes electrical troubleshooting services in Travis County and the Greater Austin Area, work with the pros at SALT.

A few things to look for & then call SALT:

You reduce the chance of electrical fires when you upgrade or replace your panel. This measure also decreases the risk of other hazards associated with a failing board. However, proper installation is a vital part of this process. Using our professional electricians for your upgrade or replacement provides peace of mind. We can both upgrade and replace your electrical panel depending on your needs.

Is the switch on?
Sometimes we get calls from people who cannot get their lights to work. The answer could simply be that the accompanying switches to these lights have not been properly turned on. Check the surrounding outlets and switches to conclude whether the problem is due to this or a deeper electrical issue.
Is the bulb burned out?
If the problem with your lighting can be narrowed down to one particular lamp or device, replace the bulb to figure out if this cost-effective measure is the solution you’re looking for. Check the faceplate — It is possible that an appliance has shorted out the wiring behind a particular
Check the faceplate
It is possible that an appliance has shorted out the wiring behind a particular faceplate. Do not remove the faceplate; simply investigate by looking for a dark spot near the plug or sniffing for a burning odor that may indicate a wiring problem. If a burning plastic or sulfuric smell is detected near an electrical source, turn off power at the service panel and contact an electrician right away.
Check the circuit breaker
Your electrical issue appears to be confined down to one or two specific rooms only. This is likely an issue with the circuit breaker panel. This could be the work of a power surge, resulting in a blown circuit or fuse. Resetting a circuit breaker or changing a blown fuse is a task that can be completed on your own; however, if you feel any discomfort feel free to reach out to a local electrician here at SALT by phone, or schedule an appointment online. If your reset breaker continues to trip, then definitely contact SALT, as this is indicative of a larger problem and could significantly shorten the lifespan of your service panel. It may prove unlikely that the solution you need is as simple as above, but these precautionary troubleshooting measures will potentially save you time and money.

For additional support in your electrical troubleshooting needs, SALT is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured residential electrical company serving Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

Locate and repair even the most mysterious electrical issues with troubleshooting services from SALT. Contact Troubleshooting‘s prompt & professional electrical company at (512) 956-7842 or schedule an appointment online.

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