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When it comes to interior design, it’s nearly impossible to understate the benefits of lighting. Good lighting can make a space functional, establish the desired mood, even make rooms look bigger. What’s more, with a bit of creativity, you can use interior decorative lighting to make any space truly special. If you are trying to do something really amazing with a room in your home, consider one of these ten creative ideas for interior lighting design.

  1. Create a Focal Point in a Room with Neon Lights

If you’re old enough to remember the 80s, this trend in interior decorative lighting probably brings back some memories. It’s easy to see why the trend has returned. Neon is fun and festive. It can help you carry off a themed room, like a fun element in a child’s bedroom or a conversation piece for a basement bar or rec room.

  1. Use Pendant Lights to Create an Attractive Functional Space

It can be difficult to add task lighting to a small room without sacrificing space. Pendant lights can be a great solution if you need to light an area, such as a kitchen counter. Because they hang from the ceiling, they don’t take up space on a countertop, table, or floor. Try adjustable height pendant lights for interior decorative lighting that you can adapt for any need.

  1. Go Modular with Cordless Lamps and Lanterns

Cordless lamps and lanterns can be battery powered, charged using a USB cord, or even solar energy. They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional to fiber optics. There are even inflatable lanterns. 

Cordless lighting is a great addition to any room because it allows you to place lighting where you need it, even when there aren’t outlets available. Try some cordless lights in a room that you use for many purposes. You can arrange the lighting for any situation.

  1. Use LED Strips to Highlight Art

How can you illuminate a favorite piece of wall art or decorative items on a shelf? Spotlights are an option, but they aren’t very subtle. Try using LED strips instead. This started as an interior decorative lighting trend, but has really taken hold. These strips are great for adding very localized lighting that can make the artwork stand out. Use it along shelves or to frame a painting.

  1. Incorporate Shapes and Textures for Variations on a Theme

Many homeowners wonder how to tie lighting in a room together without making everything look the same. Yes, you can experiment with different colors, but don’t be afraid to use different shapes and fibers. For example, you might choose gray and silver for your lamps and fixtures. Then, add variation by using different shapes and textures.

  1. Illuminate As You Go for Safety and Aesthetics

With lighting, the goal is often to make things attractive while also being safe and functional. That is especially true with staircases. You want people to navigate them safely but may not want to switch on a light that illuminates an entire space and kills the mood.

The great thing about interior decorative lighting is that it allows you to find creative solutions. One of these is to use motion-sensitive lighting, placed low to the floor, as a way to provide light as needed to people who may be walking upstairs or down a dark hallway.

  1. Use Dimmer Switches to Change the Mood

Most people use certain rooms in their homes for many different purposes. For example, your dining room may be a homework space, crafting room, book club area, and occasional spot for a romantic meal. The challenge is that each of these things requires different lighting conditions. So how do you solve that problem?

One easy solution is to have an electrician replace your standard light switch with a dimmer switch. That will allow you to adjust a room’s light from a bright overhead light for tasks to a subtle romantic glow.

  1. Change Things Up with Decorative Glass Shades

Try new glass shades to create an entirely new look without making significant changes. Look online, at garage sales, and in your favorite home decor stores or magazines for hand-blown glass, antique shades, or reclaimed fixtures that you can use to create a unique style.

  1. Go Organic with Natural Elements

If you want to create an attractive and sustainable look, try using lighting with natural elements. Remember that you have options beyond metal and plastic. Lamps and shades can be made with bamboo, paper, and other natural items.

  1. Add Floor and Table Lamps to Show Your Style

Here is a simple, versatile, but budget-friendly way to use lighting as a decorative element. Table and floor lamps are relatively inexpensive. They just need to be plugged in. Swap out old lights for new ones. Take out fixtures that don’t work, then replace them with lighting that fits the room. Even if you can’t afford to make major changes to a space, making this change will be pretty noticeable.

Make your Lighting Design Ideas a Reality

If you feel inspired to use interior decorative lighting to enhance your living space, give SALT Light & Electric a call! We can help with wiring and other lighting solutions to make your creative ideas come to life. Skip the “electrician near me” Google search, and call today to set up an appointment!