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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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Commercial Generators Service & Repair

Your Business Will Never Lose Power Again.

Commercial Generator Service & Repair

Your commercial generator is intended to get you out of a sticky situation, not into one. An untimely breakdown could mean the loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars or even more for your business, and it could put you and the other occupants of your commercial building in danger. SALT offers fast and reliable solutions for all issues related to commercial generators. Whether it’s an electrical problem, a leak, a part that needs replacing, or any other issue, we can make a diagnosis and have your generator back up and running in no time.

When your generator is out of service, your business could end up going dark in the event of a power outage. That could quickly impact your outdoor lighting — including your parking lot lights, entryways, and stairwell lighting — leaving your employees and customers to navigate unsafe conditions. Keep your generator in good repair so that nobody is injured.

Our highly trained electricians bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to every job, and they’re familiar with all types of commercial generators. When your company is left in the dark due to a faulty generator, you need a commercial electrician you can trust. You need SALT!

Our Repair Services

If you’re unsure of what the issue might be, don’t worry. Our skilled electrical contractors will perform an inspection in order to diagnose the problem and offer a solution in no time.

Signs Your Commercial Generator Needs Repair

Sometimes it’s obvious, like a complete failure to start up, but that’s not always the case. There are some key signs to look out for that can give you the heads up that you’re in need of generator repair services. Keeping an eye out for the following issues can prevent bigger, costlier, and more inconvenient ones from occurring down the road.
You Haven’t Run it in a Long Time

It’s important that you test run your generator every six months or so just to ensure that everything is working properly.


An even better idea is scheduling routine maintenance so experienced electrical contractors can keep it in great running condition. If you haven’t run your generator in a long time, you may be in for a surprise when the power goes out.

Trouble Supplying Power
You should have a general idea of how much power your generator is able to supply. If you’re running yours and you get the sense that there’s low power flow for some reason, repairs may be in order. Call in a professional and have them take a look.
Turning On and Off
This may seem obvious, but if the issue doesn’t occur too frequently, many people will just ignore it and go about their business. However, this could be a sign of greater trouble to come. Don’t leave it until then to get serious about the issue, contact SALT about our generator repair services as soon as possible.
If your generator is leaking anything at all, that’s not a good sign. As parts age, liquids such as coolant, oil, and fuel may start finding their way out, which will inevitably lead to a breakdown of some kind. If you see any puddles forming around your generator, give us a call.
Strange Sounds or Smells
If you test run your generator regularly as you should, you’ll have become familiar with the sounds it makes and any smells it might produce. If you hear or smell anything out of the ordinary, it may be a sign that something is wrong internally that is going to need to be looked at. Strange smells may indicate a potentially dangerous gas leak. Call a repair service as soon as possible.

SALT as Your Austin, Tx Electricians

Have you been looking for a whole home generator in Austin, TX? The search for an “experienced electrician near me” is over. SALT can help with any of your electrical needs.

For experienced and professional electricians, SALT should be your go-to team. When you need a whole home generator, don’t settle for less.

Call SALT today for the best electrical work in Austin, TX!