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SALT your #1 Hutto Tx Electrician! If you live in Hutto and you need an electrician don’t wait! Take advantage of SALT’s fantastic service discount for your electrical repairs & and services. Aimed at providing affordable electrical solutions to all Hutto Hippo fans! Save money without compromising on quality, as our licensed electricians ensure top-notch work, every time! If you need an electrician remember SALT!

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SALT Your #1 Hutto Tx Electrician

SALT is the #1 electrician in Hutto for all your electrical needs. Our experienced team of licensed electricians stands out from the competition with a stellar reputation for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Your #1 Austin Tx Electrician.

Same Day Service

Experience our same-day service for quick, on time service!

Locally Owned

Family owned & serving Hutto since 1984! We’re your local neighborhood technician!

Licensed & Trained

Who we send to your door is a reflection of our work! We take that serious.

More Electrical Services For Hutto, TX Electrician

Whole Home Generator powered by SALT & Generac

Never Lose Power Again!

Whole home generators provide reliable backup power, ensuring comfort and safety during unexpected outages.
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Breaker Keep Tripping?

If your breaker keeps on tripping you need to call SALT! Nobody knows Austin homes electrical panels better than SALT.
Austin TX electrician from SALT installing new light in Austin

New Lighting?

Upgrade to new lighting for enhanced ambiance, energy efficiency, and improved aesthetics in your living spaces.

Sparking Brighter Futures in Hutto, TX with Top-Tier Electrical Services

As the world increasingly relies on electricity for everyday conveniences, quality electricians have never been more crucial. Hutto, Texas, is a community that recognizes the importance of dependable, expert electrical services. When it comes to these services, there’s one name that stands out among the rest: SALT.

SALT, a local, family-owned business, is not just any run-of-the-mill electrician. Rooted deeply in the heart of Hutto, TX, SALT is an electrical services company with a difference. The company embodies the principle that at the core of every great service is genuine care for the community it serves.

SALT believes that being a great electrician is more than just technical. Yes, SALT is fast, local, professional & carries all necessary licenses that the state of Texas requires but in addition too, SALT spends thousands of hours a year training their electricians on customer service so that any resident of Hutto who calls SALT will have an experience unlike any other!

Beyond their commitment to the community, SALT stands out because of its exceptional technical expertise. This is a company that does not just fix problems; it provides solutions. The team at SALT consists of trained, certified electricians who are knowledgeable about the latest advancements in electrical services. They bring a blend of traditional methods and modern technological insights to their work, ensuring that clients receive the best solutions for their specific needs. 


Voted Hutto's #1 Electrician

SALT has emerged as the unrivaled champion in the realm of electrical services, proudly securing the esteemed title of Hutto’s #1 Electrician by Best of Austin. This prestigious recognition stands as a testament to SALT’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their unparalleled expertise in the field. 

This award is voted on by the residents of Austin! Read more at The Austin Chronicle 

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