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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC system

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SALT Has Been [post_title]'s #1 Electrician Since 1984.

Professional Electrical Services in Lakeway

Thanks to its positive reports from the U.S. Census Bureau as well as the beautiful landscape, Lakeway is one of the premier suburbs in Texas. It continues to thrive year after year which gives its residents access to an ever-expanding service industry.  

SALT Home Services is proud to announce that our service area includes Lakeway. For over three decades, our professional electrical contractors have provided the residents of central Texas with exceptional service at unbeatable prices.

SALT offers a full array of residential and commercial electrical services. Our goal is to become the premier electricians in Lakeway. We aim to achieve this by continuing our customer-first approach and commitment to community service.

Residential Electrician Services

Our modern society relies on a consistent electrical supply for just about every daily task. Whether you are preparing a meal or washing clothes, you need your home’s electrical system to perform as designed.

SALT can make sure it does. We can handle small projects like replacing faulty outlets or can even install the electrical wiring in your new home. When we say we do it all, we mean it.

Electrical Repair

Your home’s electrical system is designed to last for decades. However, various components can break down and fail. This is especially true when referring to appliances that receive heavy workloads.

While it may be tempting to try fixing a damaged electrical component yourself, it can be extremely dangerous. If you are experiencing electrical issues within your home, contact SALT. Our trained professionals can safely and efficiently locate the source of the problem and get it repaired in no time.

Panel Installation

Your electrical panel is a vital component that is responsible for routing electricity throughout your home. If you have recently added a major appliance or if your panel is old and outdated, it can begin to malfunction.

SALT can help by installing a new panel that can handle the rigors of supplying electricity to the modern home. We can even up its output capacity so that it can support that pool pump or other major device. Upgrading your panel will make your home safer and eliminate frustrating failures, such as thrown breakers.

Lighting Installation

SALT can also help with various lighting installation services. In fact, outdoor lighting maintenance was the very first service that our company performed way back in 1984.

Our professionals can equip the exterior of your home with security lighting, motion-activated lights, pole lights, or decorative lighting. A well-lit exterior helps to deter crime and can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun has set.

We install interior lights and ceiling fans too. Replacing outdated light fixtures with modern replacements can improve the aesthetics of any room. A few well-placed ceiling fans can help your home stay cool during those blazing Texas summers.

Additional Electrical Services

Our residential electrical services include much more than just installing panels and replacing lighting. We can do all of the following:

  • Install an alarm system
  • Install smoke detectors
  • Replace outlets and light switches
  • Install dimming switches
  • Connect your pool or hot tub to your panel
  • Rewire your entire home

If it is tied to your home’s electrical system, then our experienced contractors can help!

Commercial Electrician Services

SALT provides commercial electrical services, as well. We can help you get set up in your new office space or revitalize the existing structure. It does not matter if you are operating a small personal business or a commercial warehouse, our team can help!

Installations & Retrofitting

Our contractors have experience working on new-construction commercial projects. We will stay in close communication with other contractors and ensure that your electrical wiring installation stays on schedule. Our team can also replace the panel and wiring in your existing structure.

Among our various commercial services, retrofitting is the most popular. We can completely update your building’s existing lighting and other appliances to improve energy efficiency. You will cut costs by reducing your organization’s energy consumption.

Data & Networking

Our professionals are also experienced in data and networking solutions. We can install every hardware component that is vital to your business. This includes the following:

  • Install fiber optic cables
  • Set up phone systems
  • Install video monitoring systems
  • Install alarm systems
  • Set up computers, servers, and other devices

As you can see, there is no better team to help you optimize the way you do business than SALT.

Electrician Near Me

When you need fast and reliable electrical contracting services, SALT is the team for the job! Our courteous and experienced professionals can perform any residential or commercial project. If you would like to schedule a service or request a quote, contact us today!