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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC system

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Professional Electrical Services in Manchaca

Your Manchaca home or business relies on your electrical system to function, so when you start to have problems with your power supply, it can bring your day to a grinding halt. But with the professionals at SALT Home Services, you can rest assured that your electrical system is in good hands.

Expert Electricians in Manchaca

At SALT Home Services, our electrical contractors are licensed, certified, and insured, and with their training and experience, you can count on them to be able to handle any challenge they might come up against. Because we trust our electricians, we offer all of our customers a 100% money-back guarantee—if you’re not happy with the work you receive, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Since 1983, family-owned and operated SALT Home Services has been devoted to providing our Manchaca customers the prompt, professional service they deserve. There’s no charge for after-hours work, and thanks to our upfront pricing, you don’t need to worry about any surprise charges showing up on your final bill.

Our Electrical Services

No matter if you need a commercial electrician to run data cable or a residential electrician to install new dimmers, the team at SALT Home Services has the right people to tackle your next project. We offer a range of electrical services, including:

Wiring Installation and Upgrades

Our skilled electricians can help you install any new wiring in your building, including cables for data and networking. We’ll also help you upgrade the wiring in your home or business. Because many of the buildings in Manchaca are older, there’s a chance you may still have obsolete wiring technology, such as aluminum or knob and tube wiring. When you upgrade these systems to modern standards, you’ll improve your efficiency while lowering your risk of fire.

Residential and Commercial Lighting Installation

Whether you’re installing lighting in a residential or a commercial property, let the experts at SALT Home Services create the perfect design. We’ll put together a concept that will provide you more than enough light while emphasizing the visual aesthetic of your home or business, both indoors and out. 

The design process begins with a consultation between you and one of our designers, who will discuss your vision with you before creating their preliminary design. Based on your feedback, they’ll create a final design to meet your needs, and once you approve it, our technicians will start installing your new lighting as soon as possible. 

Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades

The power demands of the average Manchaca home or business are higher than ever, with no signs of slowing down. The problem is that most buildings in Manchaca weren’t built with electrical panels rated to handle these higher loads of electricity. As a result, many electrical panels in the area are being overworked, leading to the following signs:

  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Panel is hot to the touch
  • Strange noises or smells coming from your panel
  • Melted wires or scorch marks
  • Flickering lights

If you think your home or business might benefit from a panel upgrade, contact SALT Home Services, and we’ll help you decide if you need a new electrical panel.

Switch and Outlet Repair

One of our most common electrical repair services, fixing your switch or outlet is more than just repairing or replacing it. Our technicians will also make sure there’s no underlying issue that caused your component to go bad in the first place. Your electrician can also help you install new outlets or switches in more convenient locations, as well as advanced controls like dimmer switches and smart outlets.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

As part of our commitment to electrical safety, we’ll check your CO and smoke detectors, ensuring they’re in the correct locations and that they’re functioning normally, so you can feel safe knowing your home or business is protected.

Electrical Inspections

No service is more important to us than electrical inspections. Our electricians will thoroughly inspect your home’s electrical system, making sure there are no fire risks while improving your electrical efficiency. And because our technicians are up-to-date on the latest codes, we’ll make sure your building meets current regulations.

A Professional Electrician Near Me

SALT Home Services has been committed to serving our Manchaca community for nearly 40 years, including through our charitable activities. We also provide recycling services for old fluorescent tubes and other materials. Our community is a top priority for us. For all your electrical needs, contact SALT Home Services today!