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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC system

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HVAC Services in Briarcliff, TX

HVAC services are essential for extending the lifespan of your home’s heating and cooling functions. At SALT Home Services, we have you covered with regular HVAC maintenance, repairs, and HVAC replacement services. Since HVAC work can be complex and even dangerous, it’s important to trust trained professionals for safe services.

Are you searching for a trusted HVAC service in Briarcliff? Look no further than SALT Home Services! Our experienced technicians will help you book your HVAC appointment today, at (512) 956-7842.

Cooling Services in Briarcliff

Our cooling services in Briarcliff address any inefficient parts in your system and conduct any necessary repairs or replacements. Our goal is to keep your AC system in its best condition until it’s time to replace it.

AC Repair

Our services for AC repair in Briarcliff focus on issues like inefficient cooling and cycles, signs of freezing on its exterior, and problems with thermostat function. The experts at SALT are skilled in identifying the source of any issues and can show you ways to avoid them in the future.

AC Replacement

When your air conditioner has been working for you for over 15 years, parts may become worn and inefficient. If your AC system is no longer responding to AC repair, it’s likely time for a new model. Our AC replacement services will handle the unit installation and any ductwork involved.

AC Tune-Up

Annual AC tune-up services monitor the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Checking your system at regular intervals ensures that small cracks or leaks aren’t missed and don’t become bigger issues. During this service, we can also discuss how to lower monthly costs.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Briarcliff

While you think of environmental irritants being in the air outside, these irritants are often tracked into your indoor air. Air filtration and air purification systems can help.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are useful at removing irritants from your air. This pulls everything from dirt and dust to pet dander and mold out of your indoor air. In addition, these initiatives help to remove airborne viruses from the air, further protecting your family inside your home.

Air Purification Systems

Air purification systems take things a step further, sanitizing the air they pull in before sending it back through your AC system and into your home. Since they are so useful with sanitization measures, they are regularly used in hospital and nursing home settings.

Heating Services in Briarcliff

Our heating services in Briarcliff focus on delivering a safe central heating system to your home. These services include repairs, installations, and tune-ups for furnace and heat pump systems.

Furnace Repair

Our services for furnace repair near Briarcliff address any faulty components in your furnace. We will check both its outdoor and indoor components to ensure no issues go unnoticed and get worse. We will also clean dirty parts to stop furnace air irritants from spreading in your home.

Furnace Installation

Our furnace installation and furnace replacement services are conducted with professional, friendly service. We ensure the right size model is chosen for your home so that it heats efficiently without driving up your bills. Our technicians can discuss different options with you.

Furnace Tune-Up

The furnace tune-up service we offer prepares your home before the cold, winter months hit. Since we typically perform furnace tune-up services in the late summer or early fall, this helps us catch any debilitating issues that might make your furnace stop working when you need it.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps control both heating and cooling functions in your home. Due to their complex nature, there are many small parts that can break down in your heat pump system. Our trained technicians will locate any issues and complete heat pump repair services efficiently.

Heat Pump Installation

If heat pump repair is no longer improving the symptoms your system is experiencing, it is likely time for a new heat pump installation. Heat pump replacement services can improve heating and air quality in your home and work more efficiently, lowering monthly costs.

Trust SALT Home Services With Your HVAC Service in Briarcliff

With over 38 years as a business, SALT Home Services brings generational experience to HVAC work in Briarcliff, TX. We are a family-owned and operated company that puts family values first. All of our work is conducted with professionalism, friendly service, and accurate installations. We will provide the HVAC results you’re looking for.

Are you searching for a reliable HVAC service in Briarcliff? Schedule your appointment for HVAC maintenance, an HVAC tune-up, HVAC replacement, or new HVAC installation with our team of experts today, at (512) 956-7842.