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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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HVAC Services in Manor, TX

HVAC services in Manor, TX are useful to protect your system from irritants and environmental factors thrown at it. With over 38 years of experience, the professional team at SALT Home Services has seen just about every HVAC problem there is, and we are prepared with the proper tools to complete your home project. We’re the Manor HVAC company you can trust.

Are you searching for an HVAC service in Manor, TX? Schedule your heating or AC repair in Manor today. Call our expert team at, (512) 956-7842.

Cooling Services in Manor

Cooling services in Manor are essential in the summer. After all, there are many 90-degree days here during the hotter months. Our cooling services will make sure your home is prepared and stays comfortable all summer long.

AC Repair

While it may seem strange that you may need AC repair because your unit froze in the summer, refrigerants can sometimes cause ice in your system. When this occurs, your system will stop working efficiently or altogether, and professional services are necessary to thaw it safely. Regular HVAC maintenance helps you to catch these issues early.

AC Replacement

If your AC unit is over 15 years old, potential AC repair needs are more costly than a new installation would be, or your cooling bills keep increasing, it’s likely time for an AC replacement. We can help you with HVAC replacement for your old unit, or help with a brand-new installation.

AC Tune-Up

An annual AC tune-up helps you maintain your system yearly and catch small issues before they become costly problems. An AC tune-up can also help us find ways to lower your monthly maintenance costs through more efficient means of running your unit.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Manor

Indoor air quality services in Manor remove airborne dirty particles, so the air you breathe inside your home doesn’t make you sick. If you’ve been experiencing indoor respiratory problems, it’s time to check your air quality.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems catch airborne irritants before they circulate back into your system. This is useful to help family members who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues breathe easier. Reliable air filtration ensures you breathe the air you want to breathe, not a combination of dirt, dust, or dander.

Air Purification Systems

On the other hand, air purification systems remove particulate matter from the air and nearby surfaces. Air purification systems deliver extended strength and are often used in sanitized commercial settings like hospitals or nursing homes to help patients or the elderly.

Heating Services in Manor

Our heating services in Manor address the needs of two central heating systems, offering furnace and heat pump services. We can help you prepare your system for the colder months, or repair it if it breaks down when you require it most.

Furnace Repair

Our services for furnace repair near Manor aim to keep your system clean, so it delivers healthy air and works most efficiently. These furnace repair services include tasks like cleaning soot out of your system, replacing dirty filters, and checking for broken parts that require fixing.

Furnace Installation

We can help with furnace replacement or installing a new model. New furnace installation is helpful to remove iciness from your home during the winter. While small heaters may be useful to heat a specific room, an overnight walk to the bathroom can be very uncomfortable when you step out of the warm room. We’ll help you distribute heat evenly throughout your home.

Furnace Tune-Up

Like an AC tune-up, a furnace tune-up typically occurs once a year to address its effectiveness and efficiency. During this furnace tune-up appointment, we will also make sure no burnt materials are harming your indoor air and causing respiratory issues.

Heat Pump Repair

One common heat pump problem is freezing. When your heat pump is hard at work in the winter, refrigerant sometimes gets redirected from its normal function and freezes when it contacts your outdoor coil. We can help you unfreeze your system without damaging it.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation services are typically scheduled in the late summer or early fall, so we have adequate time to prepare homeowners before the cold months hit. Our trained technicians can help you determine which size heat pump will work best for your home.

Trust SALT Home Services For Your HVAC Service in Manor

SALT Home Services is an industry leader in HVAC service in Manor, TX, and its surrounding neighborhoods. In business since 1984, our expert technicians bring years of experience to each project we complete. When you choose SALT, you are choosing safe, reliable services.

Are you searching for reliable HVAC service in Manor, TX? Call our team of experts to book your HVAC installation, HVAC tune-up, or AC repair in Manor today, at (512) 956-7842.