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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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What’s summer without an air conditioner? Thanks to modern inventions and the power of technology, each year, homeowners across the nation can enjoy cool, fresh indoor temperatures while the outdoors bakes in the sweltering heat. 

Oftentimes, we don’t know just how lucky we are to have air conditioners until we’re forced to live without them. Needless to say, having your air conditioner break in the middle of the summer is costly, uncomfortable, and can be downright dangerous. 

As a result, homeowners should prepare their AC units for the upcoming spring and summer seasons to minimize the chances of their AC units breaking down. 

How can you best prepare? Read on to find out. 

Change Your Air Filters

Perhaps the most important step (and honestly, the easiest) that homeowners should take to prepare their air conditioner for upcoming seasons is to replace the air filter. 

A dirty air filter can impede the health of your HVAC system in a multitude of ways. How does this happen? 

When your air filter is too dirty, it can’t catch the floating debris that your HVAC accumulates when it sucks air back into your air ducts. As a result, this runaway debris will line your air duct and eventually make its way to your AC system itself, preventing airflow and leading to breakdowns. 

Thankfully, changing your air filter is an easy task that every homeowner can accomplish with little work. Simply purchase a clean HVAC filter at your local hardware store and exchange it for the old one. 

Make sure to measure your filter correctly to find the one that properly fits. 

If you’re struggling to fit or measure your HVAC system, you can always call a trained professional at SALT Home Services to help. 

Clear Away Debris 

Over the winter, your outdoor unit gets run down by twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris. While this debris may not seem like much, any extra dirt can clog your AC unit and impede it from properly working. 

Make sure to clean out the debris around your AC unit before you turn on your air conditioner at the beginning of the season. 

Test Your Thermostat 

Many times, when homeowners experience problems with their air conditioner, it’s because of a problem with the thermostat. Before the spring and summer season starts, it’s a good idea to turn on your thermostat to ensure that aspect is working as it should. 

If your thermostat isn’t turning on, then it could be as simple as needing to replace the batteries. 

Of course, there could be electrical issues occurring with your thermostat, in which case, you’d be best off calling a trained professional for assistance. 

Safety First

Cleaning and maintaining your AC unit comes with inherent risks. It’s important to turn off the circuit breaker before diving into your unit. Of course, the safest way to service your AC unit is to call a professional for assistance. 

Tinkering with an AC unit can lead to unexpected consequences like: 

If you’re ever in doubt, call a certified technician at SALT Home Services for safe, prompt service. 

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance 

As hard as we try, there’s no comparison to hiring professional HVAC workers to clean your machine and check that it is working properly. 

Scheduling regular HVAC appointments will ensure that your machine is ready to handle the upcoming seasons. When you allow technicians to clean and inspect your system, you give the team (and yourself) a chance to spot problems before they lead to breakdowns. 

Also, giving your system routine service will help it perform better for longer. 

If you haven’t scheduled an HVAC maintenance appointment in the last few years, now’s your chance to do so. Make sure that your system is working as it should with an HVAC maintenance appointment. Your AC system will thank you. 

Call SALT Home Services for Spring Maintenance! 

Our family-owned business is honored to service your HVAC system. 

We’ve had the privilege of servicing HVAC systems in the Austin area since 1986. As a result, we’ve amassed a pristine reputation as the best Austin HVAC company that gets the job done right. 

With friendly, personable staff and a passion for delivering excellent results, we’re excited to service your HVAC system. 

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