Central Texas is known for its good weather and beautiful landscape.Home Generator Installation However, we also get our fair share of summer storms that can result in lost power for your home.

Fortunately, SALT Light & Electric can help! Since 1984, we have been lighting up Texas and we can light your home up too. Our professional residential electricians can equip your home with a whole-home generator.

This integrated system is a great way of keeping you and your family safe and comfortable during even the worst storms. We offer competitive pricing and friendly service on all installations and services.

Home Generator vs Portable Generator

While most home-owners have heard of a portable generator, you may not be familiar with an integrated home generator. While a small, portable generator may be good in a pinch, SALT Light & Electric’s whole-home generators provide superior comfort and power output.

A portable generator can handle a few outlets and small appliances and has to be manually started. They usually run on gasoline and will require you to get out in the inclement weather to get it set up. This can be incredibly inconvenient and even dangerous.

On the other hand, a whole-home generator is installed in a fixed location. Our electrical contractors will place it on a small concrete pad, usually close to your home. It is wired directly into your electrical system, which means that you do not have to handle wiring when you need to use your generator.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator

As noted above, SALT Light & Electric will wire your whole-home generator directly into your electrical panel. The wiring is buried safely underground, protecting you and your family from exposure to potentially harmful electrical currents. In addition to being safer, a whole-home generator:

  •         Has a higher output than portable generators
  •         Will automatically cycle on when you experience an outage
  •         Runs on natural gas, diesel, or propane
  •         Lasts much longer and is more reliable than portable generators
  •         Can power larger appliances, including your AC (larger models)

When SALT Light & Electric consults with you about your whole-home generator, we will discuss your budgetary and power-related goals. If you want the ability to run your AC, then we will direct you to the appropriately sized models for your home.

Our electricians will also help you pick the best power supply for your generator. This will be based on what is most readily accessible in your area.

One of the best things about SALT Light & Electric’s whole-home generators is that they do not have to be manually activated. They are designed to detect an outage and turn on without you lifting a finger. This means that your home’s power will be restored within a few moments. When your service provider restores power to your area, your generator will return to standby mode.

How Long Does Generator Installation Take?

The total time it takes SALT Light & Electric to install your generator will vary based on a variety of factors. The landscape around your home, the size of the generator you choose, and the complexity of your current electrical system will influence the timetable for the install.

At a minimum, it will take our professionals a couple of days due to the need to install a concrete pad. Our electricians must wait for the concrete to harden before they can put your generator into place. Once this is taken care of, our team will work efficiently to complete your installation while causing minimal disruptions to your daily life.

At SALT Light & Electric, we understand that investing in a whole-home generator is no small decision. When you partner with our team, we will provide you with a free quote and also give you an estimate on the total time needed for job completion. We want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your family and budget.

Importance of Hiring Electrical Contractors

A whole-home generator is a major investment and should not be installed yourself. Doing so can cost you thousands and ruin the system. The best approach is to contact SALT Light & Electric. Our licensed electrical contractors can safely and efficiently install your generator, ensuring that your family is ready for the next outage.

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No matter what electrical contracting services you need, SALT Light & Electric is the team for the job. Our professionals have decades of experience and a customer-first approach to every job. We offer the best pricing and friendliest service in all of Central Texas.

If you would like to consult with our team or obtain a quote for service, contact us today! You’ll be glad you did.