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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC Maintenance Service For Your Home!

HVAC Maintenance

Ah, the great Austin, TX. Texas is an incredible, diverse state, best known for its thrilling live music scene, mouth-watering food, hot summer nights, and now…frigid winters? 

As homeowners have recently discovered, Texas is now susceptible to turbulent winter seasons. Both a strong air conditioning unit and a properly functioning heating system are vital for your Austin, TX, home. 

With SALT, we’ll get your HVAC system ready for whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Whether you’re living through an ice storm or a heat dome, kick back and relax in your temperature-controlled home.  

Our Top-Tier HVAC Maintenance Services

No matter how well homeowners take care of their HVAC systems, they do break down and require repairs eventually. The harder your system works, the faster your HVAC system will require repairs and service. 

When we deliver maintenance and tune-up services, we:

  • Clean vents 
  • Inspect refrigerant levels 
  • Check circuits for proper voltage
  • Check for proper seal and installation 
  • Check for efficient airflow and power 

Book an HVAC maintenance appointment with SALT to receive thorough services. We’ll fix up your equipment and ensure your heating and cooling systems are working at their best. 

Common HVAC Problems

As those Austin, TX, temperatures plummet, the last thing any homeowner wants is for their heater to suddenly stop working. Likewise, a reliable air conditioner is a valuable asset in the blazing heat.

Scheduling routine maintenance for your HVAC system will help prevent many common problems from occurring with your unit, including an unexpected breakdown and costly repairs. 

Funky Smells 

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of regular cleaning services for their climate-control systems. 

When our heating systems haven’t been cleaned, built-up dust and debris can linger in the air ducts. As a result, when you power on your heater for the first time, the high temperatures burn the buildup in your air ducts, which creates a foul smell. 

Prevent odors from developing by making an annual maintenance appointment. After you schedule your appointment, we’ll complete a thorough cleaning of your air ducts and your HVAC system to ensure no strange smells occur. 

Spike in Utility Bills 

When your HVAC components are overdue for maintenance, the chances are that your system is not working as well as it could. 

If your climate control system isn’t working efficiently, you’ll see a significant rise in your utility bills. An unmaintained HVAC system spends more energy attempting to deliver its original level of service than it did when it was new. 

Save money now by scheduling an HVAC maintenance appointment. 

Improper Heating and Cooling 

Heating and cooling tune-ups are vital to the functionality of your home. 

Without periodic maintenance, your HVAC system won’t heat and cool your home properly. 

Dust and debris can clog up filters, which can impede air from moving through the ducts. If leaks sprout, your furnace or AC unit loses liquids and gasses that are necessary for powering the heating or cooling mechanisms. 

As a result, your HVAC will struggle to deliver the bare minimum. That’s why it’s so important to schedule routine maintenance for your unit.

Use Professional HVAC Maintenance Services

We’ve all been there. You hear that CLUNK! In your air conditioning or heating unit and think to yourself, “I’m a capable homeowner. Let me research the problem and fix it myself.” 

This might be a good idea for another home improvement service like putting up shelving or trying a new recipe. However, DIY fixes are a bad call when it comes to HVAC systems. 

For most furnaces and air conditioners, you void the warranty when you mess around with them without the use of qualified hands. Secondly, tinkering with your machinery can cause much more damage to your system than it began with. 

It can be downright dangerous, too. Your furnace and air conditioner contain a plethora of harmful gasses. All it takes is one wrong move to leak gasses into your home. Such a mistake could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or even sudden combustion. 

When you need HVAC maintenance, it’s best to call for professional help.

SALT Is the Best Choice for HVAC Maintenance

When you need HVAC maintenance, you need the best. That’s why every homeowner in the Austin, TX, area should call SALT for their HVAC services. 

Not many heating and cooling service companies can boast of a wide array of other home services. When you call our team, you get a robust variety of home services that extend far past those of typical HVAC companies. 

We are privileged to serve the Austin area and are beyond excited to continue growing with you. 

Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment now to see why SALT is Austin’s top choice.

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