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More and more households are making the switch to electric vehicles. They’re eco-forward and far more efficient than regular cars, allowing you to balance gas and electrical fueling as needed. But if you have one of these EVs, you likely know the trouble of finding a reliable place to charge up. 

An EV charger installation enables you to power your vehicle on your own terms. Gone will be the days of waiting around at an outside fueling port, thinking of ways to kill hours at a time while you “fuel” your vehicle. With an EV charger installation by SALT Home Services, you can fill your battery without stepping foot out of the house. And an in-home EV charger can improve your life in more ways than that.

But people do have concerns about having their own EV charger installed in their homes. For example, most people charge their cars overnight so that they’re ready to ride the next day. But how much can you expect to pay for that? We’ll go into detail on this question below.

Benefits of an EV Charger Installation

With an EV charger installation, you virtually eliminate the need to go to public stations on a day-to-day basis. The average electric car charger takes about four to six hours to fill up a vehicle. That’s a long time to wait in public, even with a few good podcasts saved. And it might be even longer than that if you have to wait in line. 

Incorporating your own port at home means you can plug in your electric vehicle before you go to bed. When you wake up, your car will be ready to go. This method is far easier, but it’s also safer. 

You can’t control what happens outside your home. When you park your car at a charging station, it’s not too different from leaving it on the street. Your vehicle is at risk of being vandalized or damaged by the elements. 

However, with a residential EV charger installed by a trusted name like SALT Home Services, you can rest assured that you will always have a reliable, safe charge. 

Is It More Expensive to Charge at Night? 

It’s most convenient to charge your EV overnight. But is that going to cost you extra? The short answer is no. Actually, electricity used later in the day or in the early morning hours is often billed at a lower rate by some energy suppliers. That’s because very late and very early hours are typically considered “off-peak.” Consequently, you may actually save money by charging up at night.

To make a rough estimate of how much you’ll spend, calculate how much you spend for every kilowatt-hour of electricity per month.

You can do this by taking your bill’s total cost and dividing the number of kilowatt-hours used that month. Let’s consider a simple example. Say you use 2,000 kilowatt-hours on average, and your bill usually amounts to roughly $200 each month. That means you’d be paying twenty cents for each kWh. Usually, the numbers involved are slightly more complicated than that, but the math is the same. 

Charging an EV

When calculating the amount of mileage your electric vehicle gets out of each kilowatt-hour is debatable, but most determine it to be around four miles per kWh. So whether you have an EV or are looking to make the switch, you can easily estimate the amount you’d spend on maintaining a residential EV charger using the number you calculated in the previous section. 

Imagine you spend 20 cents per kilowatt-hour, and you get four miles with every kWh. That means that if you drive a hundred miles a month, you’re using 25 kilowatt-hours in that period. And if you’re paying 20 cents per kWh, that amounts to a whopping $500 spent on charging your car per month. 

Comparing to a Fuel Fill-Up

Gas prices differ slightly depending on what you can find around town. In Hutto, you can get gas at around $2.89. So if we’re following the same numbers as in the previous examples, paying for a hundred miles a month will cost you almost $300.

The statistics we’ve been using as an example are drastically conservative. In fact, the data from the United States Department of Transportation estimates that the average American drives more than a thousand miles every month. So if you’re relying solely on gas to fuel your commute, you’re looking at paying around $2,890 or more. 

And if you take advantage of a residential home charger? For a thousand miles a month, you’re looking at around fifty dollars added to your monthly utility bill. That’s a drastic change that’ll make an EV charger installation pay for itself.

SALT Home Services for Austin

If you’ve been looking for a reliable “electrician near me,” you’ve found it in SALT Home Services. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1984, which amounts to 35 years of quality and care all across Texas. 

Whether you’re looking for outdoor lighting, indoor wiring, or something like an EV charger installation, SALT Home Services does every job with the same set of values. 

For you, we offer superior service from a team that’s licensed, trained, and certified. And for the community, we’ve built our own charity that installs steeple lights for churches across central Texas. So if you’re looking for electrical installations done with heart, work with SALT Home Services to feel empowered by your power.