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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC system


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HVAC Services in Cedar Park, TX

HVAC work is difficult but rewarding. After all, it involves dangerous electrical wiring and deadly chemical refrigerant. However, the outcome is a temperature-controlled, comfortable home. Let us take the stress of dealing with dangerous materials out of your hands, and complete your HVAC services professionally. SALT Home Services can keep your home, family, and investment safe.

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Cooling Services in Cedar Park

Our cooling services in Cedar Park address any repairs or maintenance your unit may need to withstand its lifespan. In addition, we can help you install a new unit or replace a defective one.

AC Repair

If your thermostat stops working, your AC is blowing warm air, or you hear loud, strange noises coming from the inside of your unit, it’s time to call in our professionals for AC repair in Cedar Park. Neglecting AC repair services decreases the lifespan of your AC system and causes the need for an early HVAC replacement.

AC Replacement

AC replacement services aren’t always the cause of not caring for your AC system. Even the best-kept systems require a replacement after years of wear. If your system has experienced few repairs, it may last up to 25 years, while damaged systems may only last 10 to 15 years.

AC Tune-Up

An annual AC tune-up assesses the safety of your system, if proper airflow needs are being met and delivered, and if refrigerant levels are intact. During this service, we can recommend ways to better maintain your system for its lifespan and increased efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Cedar Park

Our indoor air quality services in Cedar Park aim to provide the healthiest air possible in your home. Removing airborne irritants, air filtration and air purification systems make your home a healthier space where you can relax. 

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems grab dirty particulate matter from the air and remove it from circulation. This helps to make breathing easier and the air quality healthier in your home. It’s also an added level of protection against viruses and dangerous airborne illnesses.

Air Purification Systems

On the other hand, air purification systems take dirty particles and sanitize them before sending them back into rotation. This makes them the ideal choice for family members who just got out of a hospital stay, struggle with asthma, or have pre-existing lung conditions.

Heating Services in Cedar Park

Our heating services in Cedar Park focus on keeping you warm all winter long. When your heating components are functioning improperly, they will fail to blow warm air into your home and protect your family from the outdoor elements. We can keep things running right.

Furnace Repair

When you need furnace repair near Cedar Park, your system may be experiencing frequent inconsistent cycles, issues with your heat exchanger, or a build-up of soot in your furnace. Our experienced installers can remove any irritants and repair any broken components.

Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is suffering from frequent breakdowns and not responding to repairs, or it’s over 15 years old, it may be time for a furnace replacement. Our furnace installation services will help your home overcome its heating issues and return on-demand heat to your home.

Furnace Tune-Up

Our annual furnace tune-up services include addressing its filters inside and outside your home, adjusting your burner or pilot light, and cleaning out dirty components that are contributing to increased monthly heating costs. 

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling options instead of combining a furnace with an air conditioning system. Since they have more complex functions, they also have more complex parts. Our experienced technicians can navigate your heat pump repair safely and accurately.

Heat Pump Installation

We offer new heat pump installation and heat pump replacement services. During this appointment, we can discuss what your heating needs are for your home and how big the space you’re attempting to heat is. This ensures we pick the right unit for your home.

Trust SALT Home Services With Your HVAC Service in Cedar Park

SALT Home Services brings over 38 years of generational experience to the HVAC industry in Texas. Our family-owned and operated company puts family values first, meaning we will always bring professionalism, honest pricing, and accurate installations to your home. When you choose SALT Home Services, you become part of our Texas family.

Are you searching for a reliable HVAC service in Cedar Park? Call us today to book your HVAC maintenance, HVAC replacement, new HVAC installation, or your annual HVAC tune-up, at (512) 956-7842.