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$16K HVAC System Giveaway!

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SALT HVAC system


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HVAC Services in Webberville, TX

Installing an HVAC system in your home transforms it into a temperature-controlled, comfortable space to relax. When you need HVAC service in Webberville, TX, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at SALT Home Services. With over 38 years of experience, we can bring you the satisfying and safe HVAC system you deserve.

Are you searching for reliable HVAC service in Webberville, TX? Give us a call today to schedule your initial appointment, at (512) 956-7842.

Cooling Services in Webberville

Our cooling services in Webberville stand up to hot Texas summers. Cooling services are especially vital for newborn and elderly family members, so we’ll ensure you have a reliable system that keeps your family comfortable and safe.

AC Repair

If your air conditioning system stops blowing cool air into your home, water or refrigerant is leaking beneath it, or you notice signs of frozen parts, it’s time for AC repair. Our AC repair services in Webberville are easily scheduled by phone or on our website.

AC Replacement

Eventually, repairs won’t be enough to save your old AC system. If your unit is over 15 years old, our experts will begin monitoring its efficiency. Maintenance can help extend your unit’s lifespan by up to 30 percent and avoid early, expensive replacements.

AC Tune-Up

A step up from regular HVAC maintenance is your annual AC tune-up in Webberville. During this service, we can assess how well your air conditioner’s components are functioning and suggest ways to improve monthly costs. In addition, some systems may require an annual HVAC tune-up to keep your warranty valid.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Webberville

Our indoor air quality services in Webberville move dirty particles out of the air to help your HVAC system circulate clean air throughout your home. This helps to keep your family protected from airborne viruses and helps family members with existing breathing problems.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are especially useful for removing dust and pet dander from your air. In addition to being helpful for regular respiratory symptoms, air filtration systems are great in homes with members who have allergies or asthma. 

Air Purification Systems

Air purification systems remove particles from your air to reduce allergens and viruses in circulation. While air filtration systems stop at removing the particles, air purification takes it a step further, sanitizing those particles before sending them back into rotation.

Heating Services in Webberville

Our heating services in Webberville offer repair, tune-up, and installation options for residential central heating systems. When you need heat pump or furnace repair near Webberville, our trained technicians are ready to restore heat in your home with safe services.

Furnace Repair

When your furnace isn’t functioning properly, it can leave sections of your home icy and unusable during the winter. If you notice strange sounds or smells coming from your furnace, it’s likely a sign that it’s on its way to a breakdown, and it’s time to call our professionals.

Furnace Installation

We can help you with your furnace replacement or new furnace installation in Webberville. Your furnace lasts around 15-20 years. If you have an older unit, it’s important to regularly monitor its functions to make sure it is continuing to operate safely.

Furnace Tune-Up

During your furnace tune-up, we will check its wiring and fix any frayed or loose parts, maintain its burner function, and inspect your pilot light. Annual furnace tune-ups ensure your heating system is staying up to electrical standards and keeping your family warm safely.

Heat Pump Repair

Our heat pump repair services in Webberville focus on repairing the heating section of your HVAC system. Since heat pumps control heating and cooling, they are vital at all times during the year. After about a decade, you will likely need an HVAC replacement.

Heat Pump Installation

We perform both heat pump replacement services and new HVAC installation in Webberville. During our initial appointment, we will evaluate your home’s system and suggest which size heat pump will work best. Our knowledgeable installers can help you sort through the various options on the market and help you understand which one best suits your home’s needs.

SALT Home Services Offer Trusted HVAC Service in Webberville

Serving Texas communities since 1984, SALT Home Services is a family-owned and operated company. When you’re looking for HVAC service in Webberville, our experts will treat you and your home with the same care we would show our own. We deliver prompt, friendly customer service and accurate installations. When you choose SALT, you’re in safe hands.

Are you searching for heating or AC repair in Webberville? Don’t hesitate to give our team of professionals a call today to book your AC repair or AC replacement appointment, at (512) 956-7842.