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Switches, Outlets & Dimmers

SALT Has Been Fixing Switches, Outlets & Dimmers Since 1984.

Switches, Outlets & Dimmers

Switches and outlets are the bridge between you and your home or commercial building’s electrical system. They offer a convenient, safe, and flexible means of delivering power to the various appliances, devices, and fixtures that you use every day. When something goes wrong with them, it’s not just a major inconvenience, it’s a danger to you and your family.

SALT offers outlet and light switch replacement, repair, and installation for commercial and residential buildings. We also offer all phases of dimmer services to add an extra level of convenience and ambiance to your home’s lighting. Switch and outlet repair are no job for a casual DIYer. They require the help of an experienced and knowledgeable electrician. If you need help with your switches, outlets, or dimmers, give us a call today!

Our Light Switch Services

It’s easy to take the light switches in your home for granted, but they’re vital to providing your home with comfort and safety. SALT offers the following services to make sure that comfort and safety is something you’ll never have to do without.
Never underestimate the power of a well-placed light switch, or the nightmare that is a poorly placed one. When you enlist the electrical services of SALT, we can help to determine the most convenient and sensible location for your light switch installation. It may sound small, but one misplaced light switch can wind up being a permanent headache for any homeowner.
When you flip that switch and nothing happens, it really puts things in perspective. Once you’re done pondering your newfound appreciation for your home’s electrical system, call in our light switch repair services so we can help diagnose the issue, provide a solution, and get you out of the dark.
When it’s time to switch things up, give us a call and we can be right over to help you replace all your old and worn out light switches.
Things don’t always need to be on or off, yes or no, left or right, up or down. With dimmers you can enjoy a little nuance with your lights. Whether you want full and bright, low and moody, or anywhere in between, dimmers can get the job done for you.

Are Your Outlets Safe?

As outlets age, they can become a serious nuisance, and more significantly, they become more of a hazard to you and your family. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your outlets are in need of repair or replacement.
The Outlet No Longer Works
It’s hard to miss this one. If your outlet is no longer providing any power, it’s in need of repair or replacement. Just make sure that the breaker hasn’t been tripped before you go to the trouble of calling an electrician.
The Outlet is Cracked
It may seem as if it’s only a cosmetic issue, but cracked outlets can gather dust which can pose both an electrocution hazard and a fire hazard to you and your family. Be sure to replace a cracked outlet as soon as possible.
The Outlet is Hot
If an outlet in your home is hot to the touch that’s never a good sign. It likely indicates damage to the wiring, which can cause an electrical fire if left unchecked. If you recently had the wiring installed, the problem may be that the installation was done incorrectly. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need the help of an experienced electrician to ensure that your home is safe.
Burns Marks or Melted Plugs
If you find burns anywhere near an outlet, or that something you’ve plugged in was melted by the outlet, your home may be in serious danger of an electrical fire. Avoid that outlet until a professional electrical contractor has fixed the issue.
Plugs Keep Falling Out
It’s more than just a headache when your outlets can no longer hold a plug, it’s a danger to your home. A loose outlet can cause electrical arcing, sparking, and potentially a fire. When this happens, don’t hesitate to call SALT.
Smoke and Sparking
These should be the most telltale signs that your outlets pose a threat to your home. If you smell smoke or see any kind of sparking, avoid that outlet and call an electrical contractor.

Where Can I Find the Best Electrician Near Me?

Looking for “electricians near me”? If you’re in need of a light switch, outlet, or dimmer services, or any other electrical services for that matter, SALT can help today!

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